• Cozy cafe


    Cozy cafe

    珈琲グルメ (Coffee Gourmet) is a very cozy cafe in Fukushima. The food here is really good. Sometimes here is a little bit crowded because this place is very popular. We were here for the 2nd time, and thi …続きを読む

  • Camellia



    There is a lovely Camellia near Horieya ryokan. I saw this flower I pictures only. We don’t have Camellia in Russia. I’m glad I can see it here every day. ^^ Рядом с рёканом Хориея растёт камелия. Я в …続きを読む

  • Mascot Creation


    Mascot Creation

    Hey guys, we have good news for artists! If you can draw, you can create a mascot for Iizaka-Onsen town. The prize for the first place is 20’000 yen. The mascot must be in a chibi style. The theme is  …続きを読む

  • Meeting in Fukushima


    Meeting in Fukushima

    Today we held a meeting in Fukushima city to share our opinions about the exhibitions in Tokyo and Fukushima project in whole. Also, we talked about the places we liked in Fukushima and how they can b …続きを読む

  • I finally finished my calligraphy


    I finally finished my calligraphy

    Today I finally finished my calligraphy. I saw the original in Tsuruga Castle. Yamamoto Yae wrote it in an Edo style kanji. There were no hiragana at that time, so they used Chinese characters. That’s …続きを読む

  • Exhibition of Fukushima in Tokyo


    Exhibition of Fukushima in Tokyo

    We held an exhibition of Fukushima in Tokyo (Asakusa). Our visitors could make their own bookmarks with a stamp of Fukushima. Also, they could take a photo in traditional Japanese clothes (happi) with …続きを読む

  • Picking apples


    Picking apples

    Today we picked apples at Azuma Kazyuen fruits garden. It was fun and I’m glad that the weather was good. ^^ Also, you can find a black persimmon in Iizaka-onsen. *o* It’s a difficult to d …続きを読む

  • English lesson


    English lesson

    We held an English lesson for junior high school students, who will go to Tokyo with us. We’ll promote Iizaka-Onsen (and Fukushima in whole) together. Guys, let’s do our best! 皆さん、頑張りましょう! …続きを読む

  • Lovely shop of natural soap


    Lovely shop of natural soap

    There is a lovely shop of soap in Iizaka-onsen. This soap is natural and the seller said it helps to restore your natural hair colour; you don’t need to dye your hair or buy expensive treatments …続きを読む

  • Horse racing


    Horse racing

    We participated in a horse racing. No, we didn’t ride, but watched the competition and bet on horses. I guessed 3 times, but.. 1st time I chose the wrong way to do it, 2nd and 3rd times I just predict …続きを読む

  • Beautiful place in Iizaka


    Beautiful place in Iizaka

    There is another beautiful place in Iizaka-Onsen – Kyuu Kasuikan. It was popular long ago, but now it is just a beautiful place for sightseeing. It located near Juraku hotel and it is absolutely free. …続きを読む

  • Senoue Shimanuki honke


    Senoue Shimanuki honke

    We went to Shimanuki-san’s house. This is a non-official sight of Fukushima. This house is full of traditional Japanese things. I just can’t list them all. I read a lot about ninja and here we found s …続きを読む

  • What is written here


    What is written here

    皆さん、これは読めますか? そしてこの言葉はどこからきたものでしょう? ^^ これは私の新しい書道です。 次でレッスンが終わります。レッスンに一緒行きましょう。無料です。次は27日と28日です。 . . Who can guess, what is written here or where this text from? ^^ Here is my new calligraphy work. I …続きを読む

  • Nihonmatsu



    We held a practice of English language for junior high school. Now we’re preparing for the exhibition in Tokyo, where we will promote Iizaka-Onsen and Fukushima in general. Nihonmatsu is a small but p …続きを読む

  • Good beginning


    Good beginning

    We’re planning to start holding tours for our visitors. So that was a trail one. We were wearing yukata during the whole excursion and visited 2 izakayas, tried there a really awesome gyoza. I tried g …続きを読む