• Exhibition of Fukushima in Tokyo


    Exhibition of Fukushima in Tokyo

    We held an exhibition of Fukushima in Tokyo (Asakusa). Our visitors could make their own bookmarks with a stamp of Fukushima. Also, they could take a photo in traditional Japanese clothes (happi) with …続きを読む

  • Picking apples


    Picking apples

    Today we picked apples at Azuma Kazyuen fruits garden. It was fun and I’m glad that the weather was good. ^^ Also, you can find a black persimmon in Iizaka-onsen. *o* It’s a difficult to d …続きを読む

  • English lesson


    English lesson

    We held an English lesson for junior high school students, who will go to Tokyo with us. We’ll promote Iizaka-Onsen (and Fukushima in whole) together. Guys, let’s do our best! 皆さん、頑張りましょう! …続きを読む

  • Lovely shop of natural soap


    Lovely shop of natural soap

    There is a lovely shop of soap in Iizaka-onsen. This soap is natural and the seller said it helps to restore your natural hair colour; you don’t need to dye your hair or buy expensive treatments …続きを読む

  • Horse racing


    Horse racing

    We participated in a horse racing. No, we didn’t ride, but watched the competition and bet on horses. I guessed 3 times, but.. 1st time I chose the wrong way to do it, 2nd and 3rd times I just predict …続きを読む