•   2018.11.12


    These places are in Aizu district. They are not far from each other, so I decided to combine them. The video is divided into 3 parts: GOSHIKI-NUMA. This lake is very beautiful in autumn when leaves ch …続きを読む

  • Wagashi



    Today we made 和菓子(わがし) – Japanese traditional sweets. It seemed so difficult for the first time, but it was pretty easy to make them. I like to bake or make some sweets so I want to thank Kazuhi …続きを読む

  • Choco banana


    Choco banana

    I just made a choco banana. Why don’t you try to make your own one? ^^ It’ll be in Horikiri-tei (IIzaka-Onsen, Fukushima) on 3d and 4th of Nov at 10:30 and 13:30. Только что сделала шокоба …続きを読む

  • English lesson for police


    English lesson for police

    There was an English lesson for police. We learned how to show directions first and then went to the street and practiced there. They have shown a pretty good level for the first time. I think it won’ …続きを読む

  • Soneda town


    Soneda town

    I went to Soneda. It is only in several stations from Iizaka-Onsen. This is a little and calm town. And the thing that always surprised me is fruits grow just in the street. I mean there are no fences …続きを読む

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