• Kappa Sushi


    Kappa Sushi

    Has your food ever come to you by train? XD I thought I saw everything, but in Kappa sushi, your food is delivered by a little shinkansen. You can laugh, but I see it for the first time! I didn’ …続きを読む

  • Tea ceremony


    Tea ceremony

    There was a #festival in #iizakaonsen and there was a tea ceremony. Of course I participated, because there was matcha there. lol But if seriously, it was really gorgeous and interesting! Orgaisators  …続きを読む

  • Ouchujuku



    Ouchujuku is the village, where you can experience the spirit of Edo period. There are 30 hotels with thatched roofs, so this place is known as a village with traditional buildings. In the Edo period, …続きを読む

  • Festival of classical cars

  • Ueno Park (Tokyo)


    Ueno Park (Tokyo)

    We participated in an exhibition about Fukushima in Tokyo (Ueno Park). I was so glad to meet so many people who like Japan. Some of them live here, some are just traveling but both were happy to be he …続きを読む

  • Hama-sushi



    We went to Hamazushi. There was a robot, which gave us a ticket with the number of a table. You can order some #sushi, noodles, deserts and matcha. And it was so interesting to catch them from the bel …続きを読む

  • Waterfall



    We’ve visited the Tsuchiyu district. It is near Iizaka-Onsen. Nature and the waterfall were so calm and there were no people there. I really like to take pictures of people, but certain only, not crow …続きを読む

  • Kenka Matsuri. Part 2


    Kenka Matsuri. Part 2

    The festival never ends in Iizaka-Onsen. Kenka Matsuri. Part 2. I wonder how the can stand on the top of the Mikoshi and don’t fall… It’s so difficult, considering that they cant Mikoshi in all direct …続きを読む

  • calligraphy



    So~ today there were more 4 hours of practice, but it’s not perfect yet. I must practice more. But I really like calligraphy ~♡ . . Ну что ж, сегодня были ещё 4 часа практики, но это всё ещё дал …続きを読む

  • 幽霊



    4 hours of practice and I finally drew 幽(ゆう). This is a part of 幽霊 (ゆうれい) – spirit. The meaning is scaring, but the kanji is so beautiful. Tomorrow I’ll try to draw 霊(れい). Why don’t  …続きを読む

  • Kenka matsuri 2


    Kenka matsuri 2

    Kenka Matsuri Festival in Iizaka-onsen town. We carried a little shrine. To be honest, I worried about how this day will be and if I should participate.. but there was awesome. There was about 31 degr …続きを読む

  • Kenka matsuri


    Kenka matsuri

    The biggest annual festival of Iizaka Hachiman shrine (Kenka matsuri) This famous festival has 300 years of history. Every year, this festival is held on the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Frid …続きを読む

  • Preparation for the festival


    Preparation for the festival

    Preparation for the festival. We cleaned a shrine at the Fukushima station. Подготовка к фестивалю. Чистили святыню на станции Фукусима.

  • Bamboo lanterns


    Bamboo lanterns

    We made bamboo lanterns in a lovely Ioji temple. Also, there was a press from the local TV. I think I looked frozen because it was the first time I met TV men and worried a lot. But I like the lantern …続きを読む

  • NakanoFudoson



    Nakano Fudoson is a Buddhist temple near Iizaka-Onsen. These red buildings contrast with the pure green nature and a waterfall and give the amazing view. *о* I suppose there will be even more beautifu …続きを読む