• What is written here

    リナレポート   2018.11.14

    What is written here

    皆さん、これは読めますか? そしてこの言葉はどこからきたものでしょう? ^^ これは私の新しい書道です。 次でレッスンが終わります。レッスンに一緒行きましょう。無料です。次は27日と28日です。 . . Who can guess, what is written here or where this text from? ^^ Here is my new calligraphy work. I …続きを読む

  • Nihonmatsu

    リナレポート   2018.11.11


    We held a practice of English language for junior high school. Now we’re preparing for the exhibition in Tokyo, where we will promote Iizaka-Onsen and Fukushima in general. Nihonmatsu is a small but p …続きを読む

  • Good beginning

    リナレポート   2018.11.09

    Good beginning

    We’re planning to start holding tours for our visitors. So that was a trail one. We were wearing yukata during the whole excursion and visited 2 izakayas, tried there a really awesome gyoza. I tried g …続きを読む

  • Business Match Tohoku 2018

    リナレポート   2018.11.08

    Business Match Tohoku 2018

    There was an exhibition “Business Match Tohoku 2018” in Sendai. We sold Iizaka granola, sweets and rajiumu-tamago. Actually, this egg’s name is just onsen-tamago, but IIzaka-Onsen ma …続きを読む

  • Aidu

    リナレポート   2018.11.05


    These places are in Aizu district. They are not far from each other, so I decided to combine them. The video is divided into 3 parts: GOSHIKI-NUMA. This lake is very beautiful in autumn when leaves ch …続きを読む

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