• Happy Halloween!

    リナレポート   2018.10.31

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween! 🎃 There was a cosplay walking in English. Children answered some questions to get sweets. There were no free sweets. You had to understand the question and answer in English.  …続きを読む

  • Pumpkin carving

    リナレポート   2018.10.30

    Pumpkin carving

    Pumpkin carving is finished. Thank you all to come and make it so fun. Also, thank you, Ann, for helping to organize it. I’m impressed that people who carve it for the 1st time could make it so  …続きを読む

  • Adv of pumpkin workshop

    リナレポート   2018.10.30

    Adv of pumpkin workshop

    There will be a pumpkin lantern workshop on 30th of Oct. We’ll carve pumpkins and take photos. Why don’t you come and make your own pumpkin lantern? ^^ I’ll be waiting for you~♡ P.S. …続きを読む

  • Hiranaga

    リナレポート   2018.10.27


    There is a lovely café in Iizaka Onsen – HiraNaga. The name is special because these are the first letters of owners’ names. The menu is written in katakana (don’t know why not it hiragana, because Hi …続きを読む

  • ハロウィンは、リナとコスプレまち歩き!!

    開催終了   2018.10.26


    ハロウィン10月31日は、コスプレで飯坂のまち中を歩きませんか?? 国際ボランティアの「リナ」も一緒に歩きますよ~~!! 日にち:2018年10月31日(水) 【当日の予定】 16:00 集合(飯坂温泉観光協会事務所) 16:20 スタート飯坂駅前 → 鯖湖湯前 → 旧堀切邸 17:00 解散予定 コスプレ用の衣装はご持参ください お申し込みは、飯坂温泉観光協会までお電話で 024-542-424 …続きを読む

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