• Lovely shop of natural soap

    リナレポート   2018.11.19

    Lovely shop of natural soap

    There is a lovely shop of soap in Iizaka-onsen. This soap is natural and the seller said it helps to restore your natural hair colour; you don’t need to dye your hair or buy expensive treatments …続きを読む

  • Horse racing

    リナレポート   2018.11.18

    Horse racing

    We participated in a horse racing. No, we didn’t ride, but watched the competition and bet on horses. I guessed 3 times, but.. 1st time I chose the wrong way to do it, 2nd and 3rd times I just predict …続きを読む

  • Beautiful place in Iizaka

    リナレポート   2018.11.17

    Beautiful place in Iizaka

    There is another beautiful place in Iizaka-Onsen – Kyuu Kasuikan. It was popular long ago, but now it is just a beautiful place for sightseeing. It located near Juraku hotel and it is absolutely free. …続きを読む

  • Senoue Shimanuki honke

    リナレポート   2018.11.15

    Senoue Shimanuki honke

    We went to Shimanuki-san’s house. This is a non-official sight of Fukushima. This house is full of traditional Japanese things. I just can’t list them all. I read a lot about ninja and here we found s …続きを読む

  • What is written here

    リナレポート   2018.11.14

    What is written here

    皆さん、これは読めますか? そしてこの言葉はどこからきたものでしょう? ^^ これは私の新しい書道です。 次でレッスンが終わります。レッスンに一緒行きましょう。無料です。次は27日と28日です。 . . Who can guess, what is written here or where this text from? ^^ Here is my new calligraphy work. I …続きを読む

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