• Preparation for the festival

    リナレポート   2018.10.04

    Preparation for the festival

    Preparation for the festival. We cleaned a shrine at the Fukushima station. Подготовка к фестивалю. Чистили святыню на станции Фукусима.

  • Bamboo lanterns

    リナレポート   2018.10.03

    Bamboo lanterns

    We made bamboo lanterns in a lovely Ioji temple. Also, there was a press from the local TV. I think I looked frozen because it was the first time I met TV men and worried a lot. But I like the lantern …続きを読む

  • NakanoFudoson

    リナレポート   2018.10.03


    Nakano Fudoson is a Buddhist temple near Iizaka-Onsen. These red buildings contrast with the pure green nature and a waterfall and give the amazing view. *о* I suppose there will be even more beautifu …続きを読む

  • Dinner in a Nakamuraya ryokan

    リナレポート   2018.10.02

    Dinner in a Nakamuraya ryokan

    There was a dinner in a Nakamuraya ryokan. Dishes were so delicious and beautiful. Hiroshi-san, thank you for the Matcha. It was the They’re from Iizaka.MP4

  • Hakoyu-kouen

    リナレポート   2018.10.01


    Today I walked in the town and found another beautiful place. I don’t sure about the name, but it’s written “波来湯公園 (Hakoyu kouen)” here. I really like autumn. It’s my favourite season. It’s not so hot …続きを読む

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