• Kenka Matsuri. Part 2

    リナレポート   2018.10.14

    Kenka Matsuri. Part 2

    The festival never ends in Iizaka-Onsen. Kenka Matsuri. Part 2. I wonder how the can stand on the top of the Mikoshi and don’t fall… It’s so difficult, considering that they cant Mikoshi in all direct …続きを読む

  • calligraphy

    リナレポート   2018.10.10


    So~ today there were more 4 hours of practice, but it’s not perfect yet. I must practice more. But I really like calligraphy ~♡ . . Ну что ж, сегодня были ещё 4 часа практики, но это всё ещё дал …続きを読む

  • 幽霊

    リナレポート   2018.10.09


    4 hours of practice and I finally drew 幽(ゆう). This is a part of 幽霊 (ゆうれい) – spirit. The meaning is scaring, but the kanji is so beautiful. Tomorrow I’ll try to draw 霊(れい). Why don’t  …続きを読む

  • Kenka matsuri 2

    リナレポート   2018.10.06

    Kenka matsuri 2

    Kenka Matsuri Festival in Iizaka-onsen town. We carried a little shrine. To be honest, I worried about how this day will be and if I should participate.. but there was awesome. There was about 31 degr …続きを読む

  • Kenka matsuri

    リナレポート   2018.10.05

    Kenka matsuri

    The biggest annual festival of Iizaka Hachiman shrine (Kenka matsuri) This famous festival has 300 years of history. Every year, this festival is held on the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Frid …続きを読む

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