• Hama-sushi



    We went to Hamazushi. There was a robot, which gave us a ticket with the number of a table. You can order some #sushi, noodles, deserts and matcha. And it was so interesting to catch them from the bel …続きを読む

  •   2018.10.14


    We’ve visited the Tsuchiyu district. It is near Iizaka-Onsen. Nature and the waterfall were so calm and there were no people there. I really like to take pictures of people, but certain only, not crow …続きを読む

  •   2018.10.14

    Kenka Matsuri. Part 2

    The festival never ends in Iizaka-Onsen. Kenka Matsuri. Part 2. I wonder how the can stand on the top of the Mikoshi and don’t fall… It’s so difficult, considering that they cant Mikoshi in all direct …続きを読む

  • calligraphy



    So~ today there were more 4 hours of practice, but it’s not perfect yet. I must practice more. But I really like calligraphy ~♡ . . Ну что ж, сегодня были ещё 4 часа практики, но это всё ещё дал …続きを読む

  • 幽霊



    4 hours of practice and I finally drew 幽(ゆう). This is a part of 幽霊 (ゆうれい) – spirit. The meaning is scaring, but the kanji is so beautiful. Tomorrow I’ll try to draw 霊(れい). Why don’t  …続きを読む